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Our company is one of the leading export companies of gelatin in the world market, our export in this range is increasing by the rate of 60% per annum. Our company is indulge in the export of gelatin like:

  1. Food Grade Gelatin - It is a gelatin which is used in home, confectionary and other industries.
  2. Marshmallow Gelatin - It is a special gelatin which is used to produce marshmallow (Soft candy or it is also called cotton candy.)
  3. Pharmaceutical grade Gelatin - There are 3 kind of pharmaceutical grade gelatin:
        A. For manufacturing soft capsules.
        B. For producing hard capsule.
        C. For coating tablets or use gelatin to produce syrups etc.
  4. Technical gelatin (Industrial gelatin) - It is used in different kind of industries, including paint, photo films, X-ray films etc.

All these gelatin are having 100 bloom, 120 bloom, 140 bloom, 160 bloom, 180 bloom, 200 bloom 220 bloom and 240 bloom. Other blooms can also be produced on demand. We also supply gelatin to countries demanding HALAL gelatin (Certified). These entire gelatins can be produced of different colors, including white, light yellow, yellow, light brown and brown.

And on demand they can have different mash (particle size) as required.

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