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Quebraho is the most famous tanning vegetable extractused in tanning industry. Quebraho extract obtained from the heartwood of Quebraho tree are a complex blend of poliphenols from different molecular weights with a catequinic origin. These poliphenols are mainly C15 polymers and they have a great quantity of hidroxilic (-OH) groups which give them an important reactivity and the possibilityof binding through hydrogen bonds to the hide reactivity groups.

This product has been chemically treated to transform the insolubles inherent in Quebraho extract with the additional advantage of having been spraydried offering tannin contents among vegetable extracts.

Typical Analusis (Shake method)
Physical Aspect: reddish brown powder
Tannin Agents: 72.0+/-2%
Water max 9.0%
Insolubles max 0.2%
Ashes max 7.2%
Ph: 4.7/5.1
Lovibond color: Red >1.9/2.2
                      Yellow >3.8/4.2

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