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Production lines and equipment:

HDPE bottle filling line for milk products
PET bottle filling line for juices
Chest freezers
flexo printing machine
tubular film extrusion machine
bag making machine
LED screens, displays
LED signs
LED scoreboards for stadiums, outdoor advertising and LED displays for concert shows, airports and terminals

bakery equipment:
spiral/planetary mixers, dough-sheetter tables, other

Model Flour capacity(water>55%) / (kg) power (kW) Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz) Size(cm) NW.(kg) Packing(cm) GW.(kg)
CG-40 20 3.15 380 50 93x48x120 250 100x50x130 300
CG-60 30 3.15 380 50 105x61x131 302 112x65x141 340
CG-100 50 6 380 50 126x72x143 512 133x78x153 570

Can mix any kind of dough for bread, pizza - Specially designed to avoid dough overheating and ensure oxygenation
- Two high quality motor, big twisting force and low noise
- Imported belt
- Kneading arm, central column and bowl are made of stainless steel, according to applicable sanitary standards
- Double speed kneading arm and double direction bowl
- Overload and phase-lacking protection
- Stainless steel grate with safety device

Model Power Voltage Frequency Size(mm) Speed Bowl capacity N.W
B30 1500w 380V 50HZ 600x530x890 88/168/292r/min 30liter 143kg
B40 2200w 380V 50HZ 630x560x950 88/168/292r/min 40liter 168kg

Model Power Voltage Frequency Size(mm) Speed Bowl capacity N.W
B50 2200w 380V 50HZ 850x580x1160 82/132/288r/min 50liter 290kg
B60 3000w 380V 50HZ 870x630x1220 82/132/288r/min 60liter 310kg

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