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Our company represents the largest plasterboard plant in China. The plasterboard which manufactured on our plant is based on crude gypsum, is a kind of preferred material of green health decoration, which has the characteristics of no poison, no pollution. Gypsum Plasterboard (Gypsum board) and the system of accessories is the fine decision for fast erection or reconstruction of internal surfaces for inhabited and commercial premises.

Our company offers following kinds of Plasterboards: - ceiling and wall plasterboards.

It is an irreplaceable building-finishing material for erection of interroom partitions, facings of walls, false ceilings in buildings with dry and normal humidity mode.

  • Color of a cardboard - grey.
  • Standard thickness 9.5mm.
  • The size of a standard board 1200 x 2500mm.
  • Weight - 22 or 26,5 kg/1 board

Specification size

Size ( Mm)
Length Width Thickness
3,000 1,200 9.5
3,000 1,200 12.0
3,000 1,200 15.0
3,000 1,200 18.0

Product test

Test Project Unit mark GB code requests Actual target
9.5mm 12.0mm 15.0mm 9.5mm 12.0mm 15.0mm
Mass-area ratio Kg/m2 ≤9.5 ≤12.0 ≤15.0 7.5 9.2 11.5
Longitudinal break load N ≥360 ≥500 ≥650 450 550 660
Crosswise break load N ≥140 ≥180 ≥220 160 190 250
Paper and gypsum core gluing -- -- --

Gluing good, gypsum core not exposed

Gluing good, gypsum core not exposed

- Water-resistant plasterboards. To be applied for the device of interroom partitions, false ceilings, wall facing and fire proof . It possesses the lowered moisture absorption owing to use of a special cardboard and waterproof additives in the plaster core.

  • Color of a cardboard - green.
  • Standard thickness 12,5mm.
  • The size of a standard board: 1200 x 2500mm.
  • Weight - 26,5 kg/1 board

- Fire-resistant plasterboards. It is applied for the device of easy interroom partitions, false ceilings, facing of walls and fire proof.

  • Color of a cardboard - grey, thickness 12,5mm.
  • The size of a standard board 1200 x 2500mm.
  • Weight - 26,5 kg/1 board

Also the company offers complex systems for Plasterboard installation: galvanized steel profiles (directing, ceiling, angular, arch, face etc.), fastening elements (brackets, connectors, cores), screws.

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