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Hoisting Machinery

Builder's lifts, a new product designed and manufactured according
to worldclass advanced technologies, is a type of lifting equipment.
It is mainly applicable to the personnel/freight transport in the
construction of bridges, tall towers, and high buildings.

Builder's lifts are provided with modern design and reasonable
structure, and they can be conveniently erected and disassembled by
user himself, and raised along with the buildings that get higher.

The lifts may be equipped with single cage or double cages, and
they can be assembled as builder's lifts of different types as
circumstances demand.

Builder's lifts are equipped with highly reliable electric and
mechanical safety system; its major electrical elements adopt
imported genuine parts; their electric wiring is simple, ensuring
convenient operating maintenance and low failure rate; in a word,
it isa type of safety and high-performance vertical transporting
equipment applicable to building operation.

Driving mechanism of the builder's lift may be equipped with two or
more motors fitted in external-hanging or built-in style for customer
option. Each set of motor is equipped with DC electromagnetic
brake, and its brake lining is capable of automatically trace and
adjust the breaking clearance so as to ensure its well balanced and
reliable brake performance.

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