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Fabrics for clothing, fabrics for furniture constriction, fabrics for curtains, bed linen, underwear, accessories (hardware).


Food ingredients:

gelatin, cocoa powder, MSG, beta-carotene, ethyl vanillin, citric acid, aspartame, starches, soy ingredients (isolate and texturate), fats based on palm , palm kernel and coconut oil.



cast coated label paper, coated paper, thermal paper, carbonless paper, metallized paper for beer label, color paper, cardboard, BOPP laminated films, Offset inks.


PSF (polyester staple fibers):

3D/6D/15D x 64 mm (solid, regenerated, raw white); 3D x 32 mm (solid, regenerated , black); 7D/15D x 32/64 mm (hollow conjugate siliconized); 7D/15D x 32/64 mm (hollow conjugate non-siliconized).

graphite electrode
Graphite electrodes (machined and unmachined):

RP grade 150-500 mm, HP grade 150-500 mm, UHP grade, Ferro alloys (FeMo).

Component parts for PVC windows:

Components for glass pack: molecular sieve, polysulfide sealant, spacer bar.
Window accessories: door hinges, window hinges, handles fasteners.
PVC profile, PVC tile trim


Chemicals for construction industry:

redispersible powders, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cobalt oxide 72%, steel wire ropes.


Adhesives and sealants:

all-purpose adhesive, CA adhesive (super-glue), spot glue for tile, "Liquid nails" adhesive, silicone sealant, acrylic sealant, wallpaper adhesive, polyurethane foam, aerosol can.

chemicals for

Chemicals for textile and tanning industry:

sodium sulphide, finishing additives, quebraho, bonding materials (dispersions).

Production lines and equipment:

HDPE bottle filling line for milk products, PET bottle filling line for juices, Chest freezers, flexo printing machine, tubular film extrusion machine, bag making machine, fork-lift, LED screens, displays, LED signs, LED scoreboards for stadiums, outdoor advertising and LED displays for concert shows, airports and terminals, bakery equipment: spiral/planetary mixers, dough-sheetter tables, other.

Railway cars:

gondolas, wagons,railway tank.


Advertising (promotion) items:
lighters, watches, rucksacks, baseball caps, pens, ash-trays and etc.

building materials

Building materials:
gypsum plaster board, ceiling and wall plasterboards, water-resistant plasterboards, fire-resistant plasterboards, complex systems for plasterboard installation, galvanized steel profiles.

Machinery and equipment for construction

Machinery and equipment for construction:
Hoisting machinery; Concrete machinery - concrete pump, twin shafts concrete mixer, concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, concrete mixing delivery drum/truck, concrete placing boom, concrete batch plant; Tower cranes.

Decorative materials

Decorative materials:
PVC rigid film, PVC monofilament, PP mesh for flower wrapping and decoration.

Packaging materials

Packaging materials:
BOPP films, PVC stretch, PVC shrink, PE stretch, POF films, PVC flexible film, Vacuum barrier films, BOPS film, PET film, PVC pharma grade film.

Sanitary hygienic non-woven materials

Sanitary hygienic non-woven materials:
Spunlace, Spunbond, SMS, Airlaid, PE perforated films, PE filsm for the back sheets of the feminine napkins, PP non-woven material (hydrophobic and hydrophilic), etc.




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